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Dr Ravi Deshmukh

Founder ,Consultant & Trainer

Dr Ravi R Deshmukh (popularly known as RR) is an eminent surgeon, professor, and a trusted practitioner. With more than half a century of surgical practice, he has been at the forefront of medical service, and has had the good fortune to significantly impact the lives of thousands of patients positively over the years. A surgeon by profession, Dr Deshmukh has been a distinguished practitioner as well as a teacher for the last five decades and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the field of Surgery. He has a passion for teaching, and believes in helping master the profession to help shape the upcoming doctors into the best medical professionals they can be. He has been honoured as the Best Teacher by Mumbai University and has many other accolades to his name.

With his extensive experience in teaching and surgical operations & consulting, he has several firsts to his name such as contributing to Short Practice Of Surgery by Bailey & Love, London. He is actively engaged in conducting cancer awareness campaigns and is also associated with charitable hospitals as an honorary surgeon to support their surgical departments in rural Maharashtra in India in the last two decades.

Surgeries routinely performed include – Thyroid, Parotid, Tonsilitis, Maxilla Mandible, Breast Thoracotomy for lung surgeries, Abdominal surgery for the Stomach, Pancreas, Kidneys, Prostate, Colon, Gall Bladder, Urinary Bladder, Hernias, Buerger’s disease, Varicose Veins, Craniotomy, etc.

Professor Dr R R Deshmukh, ex-Head Of The Department Of Surgery Grant Medical College J J Group Of Hospitals Mumbai is now offering to help students get a better understanding and knowledge of the intricacies of surgery, both for clinical as well as Surgical Theory.

About Charusheela Foundation

The Charusheela Foundation, named in loving memory of Charusheela, who was not only a beloved wife but also a nurturing mother, is a social and educational organization dedicated to supporting medical professionals and students.

Thought Behind It

At Charusheela Foundation, We recognize the challenges and aspirations of medical students and professionals, and our aim is to be a guiding light on their journey towards success and fulfilment.


Our mission is to provide mentorship, guidance, and educational opportunities in the field of healthcare

Surgeon's Blade-

Written By Dr. Ravi Deshmukh

Surgeon’s Blade has been inked to give a vivid picture and day-to-day insights into the preparation and practice of surgery from a practitioner’s perspective, and it will also educate the reader on some of the surgical challenges faced both by doctors and their patients.. The book is worded in a simple-to-understand manner with the aim of providing some transparent insights into the profession.


Online Consulting

“Welcome to the platform, where expert advice is just a click away, ensuring personalized advice and peace of mind for every patient."

Online Mentorship and Guidance for medical Practitioner:

When a doctor faces uncertainty about a patient's condition, having a mentor like Dr. Ravi Deshmukh with extensive experience can provide valuable guidance, helping you find solutions and make informed decisions that benefit your patients.

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Online Tuition for Medical Students

Dr. Ravi Deshmukh has served as a lecturer in various medical organizations. Medical students can take individual or group tuition in specific subjects. Experience is crucial, and gaining insights from expert' experiences can significantly benefit your medical career.

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Faculty in Medical College

Dr. Ravi Deshmukh is a highly esteemed professional renowned for his expertise in the field of surgery. With a strong background in medical education, he excels in his role as a faculty member at the medical college, where he imparts invaluable knowledge and skills to aspiring medical professionals.

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Dr. Ravi Deshmukh is a well-known doctor who has worked as a surgeon in the government sector and as a professor in a hospital organization. His expertise and experience likely make him a valuable resource as a guest faculty member, contributing to the educational and professional development of students and healthcare professionals.

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Beginning of the Journey as a Surgeon

Many of you, as young doctors, dream about your first pilot project. I did it too back in my days. It is an important step and usually remains a memorable one which also means either success or the lack of it. And the best most delicate part is that this first project will tag along in your memories for a really long time, perhaps throughout your career. Therefore, a lot of effort needs to be taken to check and recheck the process for the final launch.

The first cut in surgery is more than just a physical act; it marks a profound transition in a surgeon's career. I vividly recall the mixture of excitement and trepidation I felt as I prepared to make that incision for the first time. It's a moment every surgeon faces ‒ that pivotal instant where the theoretical becomes tangible, and the responsibility of altering another human being's body becomes real.

Feelings Before Surgeries

“There is no such thing as perfection unless there is infinite need for betterment”
For a surgeon, the wisdom encapsulated in the above quote always resonates deeply. Over five decades of my practice have illuminated the supreme importance of infinite learning and refinement in the medical profession. I realized that as doctors we need to keep on practicing throughout our lives to hone our skills, this is more than just being in touch with human anatomy. Let’s say it is a cornerstone of our profession.

I have understood that it is not merely about being in touch with human anatomy; rather, it's a relentless pursuit of excellence driven by a passionate commitment to a patient's well-being. Indeed, the dedication of curing and treating patients at the earliest possible opportunity occupies the forefront of every doctor's mind. This attentive care compels us to micro-plan and execute a multipronged approach to treatment, leveraging every available resource.